the book - A whisper can rip your guts out

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About the Author


 Elliott Zaff is a fortunate individual who was able to work with and befriend a genius who had crystal clear thinking.

Elliott was born in Canada and lived in six different cities before attending school in Hawaii, where he worked for The Professor, a genuine genius, for five years full-time and eleven years scattered part-time. Elliott has lived in nine U.S. cities and has traveled to nine international countries.

Elliott worked as a Project Manager for 30 years before becoming a Women’s Self-Defense Instructor. He has studied more than five types of martial arts, as well as boxing and wrestling.

Elliott has been married for 28 years and has one son. He has written two books and one script. He enjoys nature, reading, music, education, collecting art and conversation.

Elliott has studied Emotional Intelligence most of his adult life.

Professor Quotes


On July 10, 1982, The Professor Speaks...

“When people first make contact with their luminescent self, they have to combat the feeling of alienation engendered by contact with truth.”

“Homo-sapiens are no more than carrier vehicles for an individuation of infinite consciousness composed of totality of truth.”

“It is difficult, because most of us have spent a lot of time trying to polish up our Homosapien self and never come to terms with our God-given bag of assets and abilities.”

“Homo-sapiens’ combative nature draws its strength from self-centeredness. The ego has been forged by the Rogue Mind from the world of our imprisoned soul.”

“The shapes of our future are affected as a direct consequence of lives we contact. Our future is constantly being modified by the interaction of an infinite number of people we meet and decisions that we make every second of every hour of every day. This is where we lose our free will.”

Our future is to be become a nation of teachers within a realm of whole people; to be a light unto the nations, to open blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prisons, and those who sit in darkness...so they may see what we call the physical reality as the movie of illusion it is.

We are not separate beings we are one being.

A Poem



No matter where we go

we will find great people.

No matter how great they are

they will make mistakes.

No matter who we are

we make mistakes.

No matter our ideals

we will find friends.

No matter what plateau we find ourselves

we will find help.

No matter the situation

we must live our potential.

No matter the pain

we may leave friends and family behind.

No matter the challenge

we just cannot give up.

No matter the pain

we must get up.

The potentials we allow ourselves to conceive are what awakens us and is our experience in our world.

Friendship, letting go and living an engaging life are wonderful. 

Include in all you do...love, beauty and truth.

By Elliott

The Back Cover



You want money, to love and be loved, to be safe, to be healthy and for life to have periods of ease but with a secure plan. What you realize after some years is that life is filled with discoveries about you and the world, that there is always something new around the corner and your successful results are possible with enough focus and effort.

So, please do what you think is the ultimate choice for you, be proud of your endeavors and step up to the next challenge and the next challenge and the next challenge. The ultimate goal is to be fluid in our understanding and our caring.

Awaken to emotional intelligence and what it can do for you and society. Thank yourself and others for being in your life. Live this life. For every day we will have challenges, problems and ups and downs no matter what life you live. Life will always be as splendid as the potential you allow it to be.